Hamutal Cohen CPA | Head Of Economic And Taxatoin Services Departments

Certified as CPA since 2002.
A member of the Israeli CPA Institute since 2008.

B.A in Accountancy and Business studies, The College of Management Academic Studies.
Participated in an extensive course specializing in IFRS given on behalf of the Israeli Institute of CPAs.
Participated in a special course, giving exclusive training in companies fair value assessment models.


Some of Hamutal Cohen’s (CPA) professional experience accumulated over the years:

Performing financial and counseling projects – Ms. Cohen specializes in conducting complicated and diverse financial projects, including financial business counseling, fair value assessments, due diligence reports, business plans, and complex credit applications from banking corporations.

Ms. Cohen is appointed as an advisor to the National Insurance Institute of Israel – in the service development     (foundations) department. The capacity of such appointment includes accountancy needs and examining financial feasibility of projects.

Expert opinion – Ms. Cohen has tremendous experience in working on expert opinion reports to many different parties and organizations. In particular Ms. Cohen is a part of the select CPAs that are authorized to serve as a representative of the Israeli Judicial Authority, whose judges have appointed Mr. Weizman, Ms. Cohen and the firm itself to be their expert witness in numerous different and complicated cases.

Taxation consulting and representing in the Israeli Tax Authority – Ms. Cohen regularly provides consultation to our clients in matters of tax planning, tax rebates, and examining different business and taxation matters with accordance of the Israeli taxation laws and court’s rulings in said matters. Ms. Cohen also formulates regular unaudited reports in order to appraise any potential tax liability for our clients. Ms. Cohen regularly represents many of our clients in debates with the Israeli Tax Authority and the Israeli VAT Authority.

Financial auditing – Ms. Cohen has a vast experience in auditing financial statements of myriad of companies and other establishments including public companies. Ms. Cohen was additionally the firm’s head of auditing services department in the years of 2004-2009, which entailed managing a large team of accountants and auditors-proceedings.

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- הגדלת הסמן ושינוי צבעו לשחור או לבן

- הגדלת התצוגה לכ־200%

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- שליחת משוב נגישות



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