Auditing Department

The Auditing Department employs a large team of accountants and accounting interns, who carry out auditing operations for public and private companies, partnerships, corporations, associations and non-profit organizations. The department strictly adheres to the set time-tables, in accordance with the requirements of the client. Our office is meticulous in submitting reports on time, according to the dates approved by the Tax Authorities and in accordance with the needs of the client, so that all the auditing work on financial reports is completed for every client, within the legal time limit.

The department manager is a veteran of a large accounting office in Tel Aviv, who has vast experience in auditing large companies that are well-known in the Israeli economy. The department is managed in a hierarchical manner, while maintaining strict attention to quality and includes team chiefs and auditors who are certified public accountants, and holders of academic degrees in accounting, economics and/or business management.

The Auditing Department provides auditing services and annual financial reports to companies and corporations, and consolidated financial reports to company groups, which include various types of activities, such as balance sheets, profit and loss reports, cash flow reports, reports on changes to paid-in capital, plus annexes, and everything is done in accordance with the accepted accounting principles of Israel.

Furthermore, the department periodically draws up unaudited and/or survey reports for companies and corporations, usually as a result of a requirement of a major vendor, banking corporation, or any other body providing capital to a client, who is interested in knowing about the latter’s financial situation, and the client’s ability to repay. The department carries out this due diligence reporting by client order, with great professionalism, when the due diligence involves intentions of acquisition / investment or any other aim.

In addition, the department supplies internal auditing services and investigative auditing to public, private and institutional clients, both as a result of a client requirement and due to the appointment of an internal auditor to fulfill legal requirements. Our office is routinely appointed by government ministries, via a pool of accountants of the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Financial Affairs, to carry out a wide variety of internal and investigative auditing operations in government offices, and in addition, we are appointed by the Office of the Inspector-General for special auditing works.

Below are part of the services the department provides

Financial Statements
Investigative Auditing
Reviewing Financial Statements
Special Statements and Approvals
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